What Are Angel Numbers | Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers

What Are Angel Numbers - Ultimate Guide

We grew up hearing from our elders that, angels are the divine creatures who have been bestowed upon us by our Lord. The contemplation of the virtues of these divine creatures has a fascination all its own.

Angels are the immortal beings who shares the attributes of intelligence, volition, and spiritual apprehension with us.

Although, they are disembodied and are not visible to the mortals i.e. we human beings, they tend to stay around us throughout our life.

We cannot see them because they exist at a higher vibrational frequency than the physical world. 

The word angel itself means ‘messenger’.

These celestial beings are responsible to bridge over the void which separates humankind from the God Almighty by bringing His guidance in the form of messages.

They have an interesting means of communication, commonly known as angel numbers. In order to understand angel numbers, it is necessary to comprehend the concept of angels and their role in our life first.

As ‘Guardians,’ the holy angels are known to protect us, in the Divine Providence, from the unseen and guide us to stay on the path of righteousness. 

In our dark times when we fear loneliness, in our lowest depression, in our heaviest pains, when we become earnest in displaying penitence to our Lord, our guardian angel is there by our side to comfort us.

He stays by our side in our cheerful moments, as well as in our graver ones.

He is there when we sleep or wake in the darkness of the night. To encapsulate, we cannot pass our guardian angel’s bound. We surely can never find a companion as faithful, as loving, as obedient as he is.

We have at least two guardian angels. One is extroverted, who pushes us to make choices in keeping with our highest self. The other one is the quieter one who comforts us in the moments of distress.

Both of the aforementioned angels want us to feel their presence by sending signs in forms of angel numbers. The angels try to connect themselves with our mind with the help of these numbers.

The concept behind the angel numbers

Concept Behind Angel Numbers
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Angel numbers are generally the most frequent means of communication which our guardian angel uses to send guidance.

They are basically the commonly repeated number patterns that have a documented meaning associated with them. It is the documented meaning which makes them unique and give them a value of being more than just mere numbers.

The guidance and wisdom that is conveyed through them is in cryptic form and needs to be decoded to become comprehensive. If the angels want to communicate a message, you will come across a particular number or number pattern out of the blue.

People tend to ignore it usually since it tends to be quite subtle in the beginning.

Gradually we start to notice it at unusual events which makes the incidence of that particular pattern uncanny. The angel numbers are the primary means of communication between the angels and us.

They either represent the appreciation from the angels upon our action or their guidance to bring change in our attributes.

The angel numbers work according to the principle of numerology.

This principle is based upon the idea that these angel numbers are associated with a certain vibrational energy that revolves around a meaning which is greater than its numerical value.

These vibrational frequencies have a unique ability to resonate with the vibrational frequencies of the angels.

This means that the occurrence of these numbers at different occasions in our life is associated with divine guidance as it has the ability of carrying one due to the tenets of numerology.

Without these numbers it would become quite difficult for angels to find a way to transmit their guidance and wisdom to us. This is because we are at quite a lower vibrational level which does not allow direct communication. People usually do not understand the concept behind vibrational levels. 

The concept behind vibrational levels

Vibrational levels
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If we take the example of a cell viewed under microscope, we can comprehend this concept well.

We see how myriads of cells are distributed when contemplated using a microscope.

We observe that a cell which seems like a simple structure, has got a capability of creating several tissues which in turn forms organs and then man, when arranged in an ascending order.

These shows how there are gradations established with the simple model of a cell. Almighty God has made such gradations in the universe as well which can be seen as vibrational levels. These vibrational levels represent the power of wisdom occupied.

The physical and material realm is placed at a lower vibrational level and the celestial beings including our guardian angels, at a higher one. This is due to the divine wisdom that they have.

Hence, they take the help of angel numbers to convey that wisdom to us.

How to recognize an angel number?

Although the angels want to convey their message as soon as possible, our ignorance causes delay in taking the message into consideration. We should become more vigilant in our daily routine to notice subtle changes.

The angels try to drag our attention towards the particular change in our environment to make us notice the number in which the divine message is encrypted.

It usually seems like a coincidence but when we keep on ignoring it, the angels start to lay more stress on it which makes it uncanny. The sooner we understand it, the better.

We have to understand the fact that reality is not random, and every event has got a meaning associated with it.

Let us take an example that each time you change your watch’s cell, it stops at 4:44 or while you’re traveling to work, you see a particular car cross your way having a number plate XYZ-444.

At such moments you should sit back and think if that is some sort of sign. You might ignore it for some time but the frequency with which it keeps on appearing in front of you grabs your attention someday.

The decryption of angel numbers

Decryption of angel numbers
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Your guardian angels are your lifetime companions. Therefore, on and off they do keep on finding ways to send you messages.

They do not directly just bring play-cards carrying the relevant angel number in front of you, instead they try to build up a connection with your mind and draw your attention towards subtle signs. 

You can find several number sequences on a daily basis while you are at some restaurant, paying bills, while you are watching television, receiving phone calls, listening to the radio and many other routine chores.

There is a high possibility that the numbers which you notice there has got some coherence and synchronicity in terms of their occurrence.

If the occurrence of numbers becomes consistent then having a belief that its vibrational level is resonating with a particular message from the celestial realm is rational.

The numbers can either be single, double, triple or quadruple. In order to understand them well it is important to take the idea of having several combinations into consideration.

When the numbers have different combinations, they have got special meanings associated with them.

Recurring angel numbers

We are talking about these numbers specifically because we see such number sequences more often. When you see a single digit repeating number like 333, 444 or 888, the angels are probably trying to amplify the original meaning of that number.

When the message is of a higher frequency, you see recurring numbers. It represents how the angels are laying stress on a particular guidance since they are our well-wishers.

Living in a mathematical universe, we encounter several such numbers. Upon exploring further, you will find, we have explained the meaning behind those number sequences and several other sequences and messages here.

Message hidden in your birthdates

Hidden Message In Your Birthday
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Often do you see that you’re coming in situations that your birthdate is popping in front of you again and again It is not a coincidence, your birthdate has got quite a deeper meaning which is related to the sole purpose for your life.

This is not a mere number and that got a spiritual meaning associated with it.

If you encounter such situation then look around for the possibilities, maybe you have come closer to the deeper purpose of your life and the angel is trying to tell that to you. 

Classification of angel numbers

The message hidden in your birthdate is one example of the messages that your guardian angels deliver to you. However, there are several others which are present in the form of angel numbers.

These angel numbers can be classified as single digit, double digit and triple digit angel numbers. We have done a deep research on those angel numbers and have collected them for you.

You can have a brief view on them here to get an idea, however, detailed articles are available for them which you can read and have a greater understanding of the angel number that you are interested in. 

Single digit angel numbers

Angel Number 5

Angel Number 5 is associated with the upcoming change in your life. If you are seeing this quite often, your guardian angels want to inform you that your life is at a verge of becoming something completely different.

5 is seen as a positive sign as this change is usually associated with a positive drift.

It is supposed to bring out the best in you. It promotes us to bring a change in our lifestyle and focus on our health.

Angel Number 7

You often see angel number 7 when your angels are trying to congratulate you on being on the path of righteousness.

This number solely promotes optimistic views and encourages you to stay positive in your life. It also guides you to continue the hard work which you are used to of doing. It further congratulates you on your success in utilizing inner wisdom.

Therefore, angel number 7 is seen as a unique number.

Angel Number 8

The angel number 8 is all about abundance in life. If you are seeing angel number 8 much often these days, it means that time is not much far when you will have an abundance in life. This abundance is usually associated with materialistic components of life and usually means financial abundance.

It can be considered as good news if you see the angel number 8. Thus, it promotes optimism. It has got a lot of spiritual significance as well and urges one to maintain balance in their life. 

Angel Number 9

Angel Number 9, being the highest number in the single digit numerals, is considered to be highly spiritual. It focuses mainly on your spiritual development and find the purpose of life in the light of spirituality.

In order to attain a higher level of spirituality, they promote you to meditate and pray. If you see this number quite often, you are righteously being guided by your ascendants.

They want you to understand the purpose of life which lies in brotherhood i.e. caring for your fellow beings.

Double digit angel numbers

Angel Number 22

The angel number 22 is regarded as the Master Number in numerology. It amplifies the message of angel number 2. There are two basic messages behind its appearance in your life.

Firstly, it is related to the purpose of life. Secondly, it manifests the idea for converting your dreams into reality.

Holding extraordinary vibrational powers, this number tends to reveal that you are at a verge of attaining highest level of spiritual wisdom. It also promises you ultimate success and harmony. You have to make sure that you keep your faith firm.

Angel Numbers 23

Angel Number 23 is a sign from your guardian angel that they are helping and assisting you to keep your belief and faith in the universe. This number helps you labor hard to help bring to light your greatest aspirations and wants.

The Number 23 brings the message from the source that encourages you to have faith in the Archangels, Christ, and the Ascended Masters. The angel persuades you to have faith that these higher powers only have your best interests at heart.

Triple digit angel numbers

Angel Number 111

This angel number is all about new beginnings, it gives you a message that now is the time to work on yourself and become that all new version of yours. Its purpose is to awaken you.

It encourages you to put down your fears and start working hard for what you have aspired to be. It is a highly positive message and demands you to become optimistic.

This is the time when you are taking new steps in your life so keep believing and stay humble. 

Angel Number 222

With angel number 222 as a message, the angels are trying to convince you to stay positive. Being a triple digit angel number, it has got its purpose amplified.

It encourages you to believe in your inner wisdom and understand your capabilities. Thus, it promotes you to work hard and stay on the path of righteousness.

The angel number 222 represents the idea that good things will only come to you if you wait, therefore, you are supposed to stay patient and steadfast throughout this struggling period of yours.

You will surely make your dreams come true someday with your consistency.

Angel Number 234

234 is among the most unique combinations. When people receive it, this means they have been bestowed upon with a gift of a second chance in life.

You might lose hope when you lose everything and become zero. You also receive this message when your angels are trying to guide you that you have to choose a different path.

Surely, the path which you are on currently is not beneficial for you and might make you end up losing your happiness.

It shows you that the path you’re on is not associated with the purpose of your life, so you have to believe that your guardian angels are by your side and set new goals. Hence, you should follow the right path and maintain a balance in your life throughout your way.

Angel Number 333

Angel number 333 is all about your personal growth. It conveys a positive message, informing you that you are either in the process of growing into a better person or an event is near which has the ability to play a pivotal role in setting a new milestone in your personal development.

With this message your angels are encouraging you and congratulating you that the prayers you made are being answered and this is the time to make significant choices and ace at life.

Angel Number 444

The angel number 444 is like that long desired warm hug to you. It means that your angels are trying to inform you that they have got your back, you might be about to face a bad time in your life but you should not be worrying about it much since the divine guidance is there to help you.

So, you have to follow your intuitions. If a loved one is there to help you, accept it, since that might be a help sent by your angels. So, you have to stay calm, and avoid going towards any wrong path.

Angel Number 500

Angel Number 500 shows that you are about to enter a significant transitional period of your life where you will face some sweeping changes occurring in your life.

It is a change which you should embrace. Your angels will be by your side throughout this period.

You have to develop spirituality within yourself to face this transitional period.

This period would lead you to peace and prosperity. So, do not be afraid of this change. 

Angel Number 777

The angel number 777 is considered among the holiest numbers. It shows that you have an opportunity to develop spiritually. Being a recurring sequence of 7, it has amplified the vibrational levels of 7 which represents encouragement.

Therefore, 777 is seen as a divine encouragement and a validation from your guardian angels that you are on the right path.

The positive energy which this angel number radiates can be utilized to catalyse your progress in life and move forward. Hence, become successful. 

Angel Number 888

Angel number 888 shows that you are about to get successful in several folds of life. It has got several positive messages along with it as it amplifies the message of the number 8 which already promises you material abundance.

You have to make sure that you help others as well, once you are successful. Your success should not put a negative impact on the basic spiritual purpose of life i.e. to help others. You should stay righteous and positive. 

Angel Number 999

The angel number 999 refers to the completion of something which can be associated to your practical or emotional life. It might be about your job or some relationship that you had.

This is surely a hard time, but you have to take a step back and ponder over the mistakes you have made so that you do not repeat them further.

You have to put your faith in your ascendants. 

It might be tough for you, but an end marks a new beginning, so you have to gear up yourself for that. Positivity plays an integral part under these circumstances, so you have to stay positive and work hard to be successful in following the new path which awaits you.

Do you ever stop seeing angel numbers?

Stop Seeing Angel Numbers

There is a time when you keep on seeing angel numbers on a daily basis. That is when your guardian angels are trying to communicate to you at their fullest.

It does happen at times that you stop seeing any sign or any angel numbers. You might feel lost or distressed. You feel like your angels have abandoned you.

But you should not lose hope. These angels are supposed to be with you throughout your life and will surely communicate with you once again.

If they kept on communicating constantly then that nudge of getting a specific new angel number would be gone. In order to understand their significance, at times you have to spend a time where there are no signals, no numbers.

However, it is a fact that your guardian angels are your best companions. Even when they are not sending signs, they are there by your side.

They always radiate positivity and encourage you to do the same. You should not worry if they stop communicating with you temporarily for some days or months. After some time, you will surely start seeing them again and when you do, you should know how to decrypt their messages.


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